Specialising in damp proofing, condensation control, woodworm and timber treatments

Introducing Hampton Preservation

Hampton Preservation & Maintenance Services Ltd is a company specialising in the eradication of rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation control, woodworm, wet and dry rot timber treatments.


We also provide the following services:

• Property Repair & Maintenance

• Commercial and Residential Refurbishments

• General Building and Joinery Work

• Day to Day Maintenance

We offer a reliable service of larger contracts and minor projects. Our highly-trained teams operate across Tayside and the surrounding areas servicing both residential and commercial properties.


Whatever your property needs, Hampton Preservation & Maintenance Services Ltd can provide a cost effective quality driven solution and detailed quotation to meet your budget.


We have completed contracts for Councils, Universities, Commercial and Residential Properties working to tight timescales and within budgets.


Telephone: 01382 688787


Water Damage


Dry Rot Survey


Water Damage

source located and repairs carried out.


Water ingress damage to plaster and plasterboard within a communal close in Dundee.

All this due to a damaged gutter.

Broughty Ferry.

General property Maintenance.

Complete Flat Refurbishment completed in Broughty Ferry.


All finished to the highest standard within timescales and budget.

Leaving the client over the moon with the finished product.


Thanks to Discovery Plumbing,

IB Decorators and

Finlay Electrical.


DRY ROT Survey.

Survey in the city centre yesterday for Dry Rot picked up  a leaking downpipe hidden in the wall.


It pays to keep on top of maintenance.

If left dry rot can have devastating effects within a house. Early diagnosis of dry rot / timber decay in buildings can in the long term save you a lot of money.

The Experience to Deliver

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Having been in the construction industry for over 25 years covering Preservation, Joinery, Asbestos Identification and Removal we offer the ability to deal with all contracts from the smallest to larger contracts, with the qualifications to fully assess properties for a full Health Check. Hampton Preservation & Maintenance Services Ltd  are committed to maintaining a full health and safety policy.
Our team are specialised in Preservation for Private and Public Sectors. Covering domestic, commercial, Universities, NHS Buildings and Local Authorities.

If you have been affected or have any concerns regarding Wet / Dry Rot, Condensation, Rising / Penetrating Damp. Or if you require any repairs, maintenance or joinery works please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Chris Hampton



Hampton Preservation Services

The first step in every case is a survey to determine the extent of any damage.

After that Hampton will agree a cost and timescale to complete all works required to solve the problem.

Dry Rot.

Dry rot if left untreated can cause your wood to crumble away - early detection of the rot is key to saving the timber. Once the fungus is established, it will develop hyphae (strands) that can travel across stone and brick to find more timber to colonise.

This fungal colonisation causes what is known as “brown rot decay” - and the fungus that most commonly causes dry rot in the UK is known as Serpula lacrymans. This decay cracks the wood in a fine, square pattern, and also makes it crumbly and a darker or browner colour.

Eventually, the wood will crumble into dust, which obviously could well cause parts of your house to collapse.

Damp Proofing.

Rising Damp.
Rising damp is moisture present in your walls as a result of water in the ground underneath or next to your walls rising up through the fabric of the wall, whether it is brick, block or stone. The water travels upwards through the wall as a result of capillary action through the tiny holes in the brick or stone. This ‘rising damp’ usually reaches a maximum height of 1.2m, but the effects of the damp, such as salt deposits, black spots of mould on the damp areas of your wall, skirting boards or flooring. Rising damp can happen as a result of debris present in your cavity wall bridging the Damp Proof Course.

Penetrating Damp.
Penetrating damp (or lateral damp) is the horizontal ingress of moisture through the building walls. Penetrating damp normally presents on external walls and forms as isolated patches of dampness, which increase in size after periods of heavy rain. Penetrating damp can affect roofs, ceilings and walls and it can, unlike rising damp, happen at any level.

Wet Rot.

The two types of wet rot, brown and white are both destructive to timber. Generally brown rots cause cuboidal cracking & shrinkage of the timber whilst white rots tend to reduce the timber to a stringy, fibrous texture.

Brown Wet Rot.
The most common wet rot we find in the home is Coniophora Puteana this brown variety commonly known as Cellar Fungus.

The brown, often fan like threads associated with cellar fungus feeds on the cellulose of the timber, it spreads out and eventually produces a fruiting body. Spores released from the fruiting body will lodge in the pores of the timber repeating the destructive cycle.

The wood will shrink and crack, become brittle and take on a darker colour. This condition seriously undermines the structural integrity of the timber.

White Wet Rot.
The most common white, wet rot we find in the home is Phellinus. Bunches of light brown threads may be observed sprouting from the rotting wood. The mycelium may also attack external masonry. The wood breaks down exhibiting a coarse, fibrous appearance with a lightening in colour. This condition undermines the structural integrity of the timber.

Hampton Preservation Solution.

Dry rot will only affect timber that is damp for this reason, removing the source of moisture should form the core of any dry rot eradication strategy. All rotting timber will require to be replaced.

Hampton Preservation's Solution.

Treatment typically involves the installation of a chemical  DPC, which is injected into holes in the masonry to repel water. Alternatively a new damp membrane can be fitted to act as a physical barrier to moisture. Plaster usually needs to be replaced with new salt-retardant plaster and a new skirting board fitted.

Hampton Preservation's Solution.

The first step is eliminating the source of infection and damp.

The second step is removing and replacing affected timbers. If only a small area has been affected the rotten wood should be removed back to sound timber and the surrounding area treated with preservative.


Anobium Punctatum, generally known as the common furniture beetle or ‘woodworm’, has been perceived to be the main cause of damage to timber in the UK over the last 100 years.

The beetles emerge from infected timber in the spring, generally between May and August in the northern hemisphere. The female beetle seeks out suitable timber to lay her eggs.

During the last 50 years, insecticidal treatments have been widely used to ‘treat and preserve’ timbers in buildings thought to be at risk from this organism. The perceived risk of woodworm infection and decay has become so integral to the culture of property management and building repair in the UK that most buildings which are more than 50 years old have been treated at least once, and many have been treated repeatedly on each change of ownership.

Hampton Preservation's Solution.

To treat woodworm, an effective and efficient water based treatment is used that only kills the wood boring insects but doesn't give off unpleasant fumes or smells and it quickly soaks into the timber. The technician sprays insecticide into the wood and after the woodworm treatment is absorbed into the wood for a period of about an hour, the living woodworm and eggs near the surface are killed off.


Condensation in buildings is a major damp problem that affects many domestic properties. Quite simply condensation is water that is deposited on surfaces from warm, moist air that comes into contact with cold surfaces. 

Condensation is generally perceived to be a winter problem. Very often the first indication of condensation is black spot mould growth in the most affected areas. It can also be seen as misting of windows leading to water droplets and even puddles of water on windowsills. Other areas typically affected are cold external walls or pipe work, and where there is poor air circulation, behind items of furniture, in built-in cupboards or in corners of rooms.

Simple steps to control condensation can be achieved by ensuring good ventilation and insulation. However, more often than not other additional control steps are required.

Hampton Preservation's Solution.

It is essential to tackle the sources of moisture in the air as this ensures that black mould cannot grow in the first place. There are various mould control packs for treating black spot mould, such as anti-fungi paints, Vapour Vents, humidity extract fans and ventilation units.

Sovereign Concure anti condensation unit

Mould and Moss Removal.

Hampton Preservation's

Wet & Forget Shower Solution.

New to the UK! Wet & Forget Shower is another effective labour-saving product from the Wet & Forget family.

No need for daily scrubbing or wiping to get results.

Wet & Forget Shower effectively dissolves soap scum, body fats, oils, grime and mould and will keep on cleaning your shower or bath for longer.

Good for you – Wet & Forget Shower contains no aggressive chemicals like bleach or ammonia and will leave your bathroom smelling vanilla fresh!

1. Simply spray your shower area or bath with the high-efficiency sprayer included in the bottle and let Wet & Forget Shower do the work.

2. The next time that you want to use your shower, simply rinse the surfaces that you have sprayed for sparkling clean results.


Hampton Preservation's

Wet & Forget exterior Solution.

Wet & Forget is the safest, most effective way of removing moss, mould & gunge from ANY exterior surface. When applied, it immediately attacks that unsightly moss, mould, gunge & grime. Then Mother Nature takes over.

The weathering process gently takes the decomposing material away bit by bit without scouring the surface it
has infested.

Non caustic. Non acidic.
No bleach. No pressure washing.
No elbow grease.

Eliminates Harsh Methods.
Wet & Forget helps prevent the damage caused by the harsh scouring of scrubbing and waterblasting.

Residual Effect.
Some of the ingredient remains active if the surface is porous to prevent premature recontamination.

Unlimited Shelf Life.
Unlike bleach based cleaners Wet & Forget has an unlimited shelf life.






"After some searching for a suitable company to do the work required our architects kindly suggested we talk to Chris at Hampton Preservation.

We found Chris very responsive and the work was carried out effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Nothing was too much  and he talked us through every step of the process, if we were ever in need of this service again we would not hesitate to call on Chris."
Old Flour Mill, Dundee

"Hampton Preservation & Maintenance Services Ltd carried out two jobs for me in October 2016; repairing a cast iron gate post and replacing all the wooden posts in forty plus metres of six-foot larch-lap fence.

From the initial survey to the job completion everything was carried out quickly and efficiently. In my opinion the quote for each job was reasonable. The agreed starting date was adhered to and the fence job, the bigger job, was completed before the estimated date despite the inclement weather. The workmen were pleasant and efficient.

I would certainly use Hampton Preservation & Maintenance Services Ltd again and have no hesitation in recommending them to others".
Sandy Chudek

"First Class, fast, efficient service. Quote received within 24 hours of Survey – Excellent, very responsive service."
John Clark – Wormit

"I can give you five reasons for using Chris at Hampton Preservation; they're highly competent, provide high quality work, reliable, they never go back on their word and totally trustworthy"
Gauldie, Wright & Partners

"Delighted : All problems were clearly explained by a very knowledgeable surveyor called Chris. I really appreciate the way the job was ran from start to finish and handled all aspects of security of the building in a very trusting manner. I would definitely recommend Hampton Preservation to other people"
Mr and Mrs Hamilton – Newport on Tay

"Having been recommended this company by our neighbours. Hampton Preservation offers a high standard of workmanship at a fair and reasonable cost. Thank you for all your help Chris"
Mr Martin – St Andrews

"Having dealt with Chris before and after completing a contract at my local church. We were delighted with his professionalism throughout the contract. These works were completed whilst we were on holiday, Chris was given our trust with alarm codes and main keys. His company gave us the peace of mind when we were away with an honest reliable service."
Mrs Petrie – Broughty Ferry

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• Preservation Surveys and Reports have a small charge. If the works required in the report are completed by ourselves then the survey fee shall be removed from the tender cost.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Christopher Hampton


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